November 28, 2022

Choosing a developer: main factors

Nowadays, every company should have a website. This applies to shops, production companies, and personal websites. Regardless of what type of website you need, it will help you attract new customers. However, just having a website does not guarantee success. A poorly executed page may lead you to an entirely different result than intended. That is why choosing a website development company is so important. In this article, we will try to help you make your choice and pay attention to the most important things that should be considered when choosing the right company for cooperation. Guys from SECL helped us to highlight what matters.

The appearance of the site

Pay attention to websites when looking for a company to create a website. This is one of the most important things. After all, this is their business card! The website must be clear, readable, and intuitive. The graphics on the website must be well made: that’s what matters. Don’t focus on your preferences when evaluating graphics: focus on how skillfully it is created. After all, everyone has a different taste. 

The flexibility of a team is also important, which can be checked by browsing the portfolio in terms of graphics and a variety of projects. 

Rich portfolio

Regarding the number of projects in the portfolio, in our opinion, it does not matter. Yes, a rich portfolio means that the company has more experience in creating websites. However, one should remember that young companies usually care much better for customers, and their offers should be cheaper than their experienced competitors. Here, the decision between a team with a lot of experience and a young, ambitious team is yours.


Price is the most diverse element of website development because even a typical website with only five subpages may cost you a penny or be extremely cheap. The cost depends on the number of mechanisms you want to put on the website. We mean forms, statistics, and the ability to edit text or add photos. There are a lot of possibilities, so it is best to ask the company for a detailed list of prices for individual mechanisms of the website and compare competitive offers based on these documents.

Project completion time

The completion time is also different for different types of websites. You should not expect that the company will create an advanced portal with various functions within a week, but also creating the most ordinary advertising page should not take more than a month, including graphic design. Therefore, before deciding on a company, you should find out how much it will take them to complete the order.

Payment method

As for the method of payment, we strongly advise against companies that require full payment before starting work. There is a huge risk involved. First, the company that has already received the money will not rush; quite the opposite. Second, if the website is ready and you are not satisfied with the results, it is unlikely that you will get your money back.

The best option is no advance payments. What are the advantages of this? In this case, the company wants to complete the project and ensure the highest quality as soon as possible. Without it, there will be no payment, so that’s understandable. In the case of this payment method, the company most often creates a website quickly, and when it is fully ready and accepted, it charges a fee and transmits the code or places the page on the server, depending on previous arrangements. 

You must be aware that this option is possible for small projects. No company will undertake a large project lasting several months with payment only after the work is completed. 

The most common form of payment is partial prepayment. As a rule, it varies between 10% and 30% and should not be bigger. Why is it the most common? Because, in this case, both sides are secured. The client does not have to pay in all the cash immediately and is sure that the company will not give up work, while the website developers have an advance payment in the event of the client’s resignation during the work.

Hopefully, now it’s clear to you why you should not use the services of companies that demand full payment before starting work and what are the advantages of other payment methods.


For us, contact with the company is very important. We really appreciate companies that reply to e-mails within a few hours. This proves that they care about their customers. It may not be important while working on the website, but you must look to the future. What if the website is already working and there is an error? In this case, the reaction time is very important. What about a company that will read your e-mail after a few days? It may lead to disastrous consequences. So, it is better to choose companies that are easy to reach.

Additional services

Most web development companies do not have any additional services apart from the administration. This is an important obstacle because you have to look for other companies dealing with hosting and website positioning on your own. That is why it is worth choosing a company that provides comprehensive services. 

Most of you probably say that a company that provides services of almost all types is an unreliable one. This is not true. It is worth considering a company that offers comprehensive website development services. In this case, there is no problem with getting along between the companies. Let us give you a simple example. Both positioning and website administration interfere with the website’s code and content. Two different companies will disturb each other, which will certainly not have a positive effect on the operation of your website.


Hopefully, now it is clear how to select the best development company. With the help of these tips, you will definitely find a developer to satisfy all your needs and bring an excellent result.

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