January 27, 2023
Changan Alsvin Price in Pakistan 2022

Changan Alsvin Price in Pakistan 2022

Changan Alsvin Price in Pakistan 2022

With the new model called Changan Alsvin, this Chinese manufacturer is finally trying to get a hold of a larger segment of windshield that has so far left it aside. We can appreciate Changan from a mile away because of its bold and original aesthetic choices but we would have appreciated it more if instead of having to wait in front of its booth for half an hour at a show like Auto Expo 2018 we had been able to drive our test car back straight away! Because even if the Changan Alsvin price is lower than expected when compared to its rivals, what was lacking from our example was some real dynamism which does nothing more than giving us a bad impression about the efficiency of this brand.

Changan Alsvin Price in Pakistan 2022:

The price of this car in Pakistan is 2,674,000 rupees.

Changan Alsvin 2022 Features:

The features of this newly launched car by Changan in Pakistan are mentioned below:

Projector Headlamps


Dual Waist Design

Front Butterfly Grill

Shark Fin Antenna

Sun Roof

Boneless Wiper

Rear Combination Tail Lamps

Jack Knife

5 Speed Mt Shift Reminder

McPherson Suspension

Intelligent Start Stop Technology

Super Electronic Power Steering

Electronic Throttle Accelerator

Multi-Functional Steering Wheel

Sporty Cockpit

Cruise Control

7 Inch Floating Display

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (Tpms)

Changan Alsvin Availability:

We have obtained some insider information which suggests that the official price will not be released until next year. We’re unable to confirm any further information right now but we hope to share more by the end of this year!

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