Playing Video Games Keeps You in Touch With People

Often times people ask me why I still play video games. And the reason that I tell them that I still play because one it is a lot of fun. Into you were able to hang out with your friends and connect with them.

This is one of the cool things about online gaming now is that you’re able to connect with everyone from across the world. So if you had a friend that was living in Singapore and you lived in United States you guys would still be able to hang out and talk over a video game. This is incredibly cool because you’re able to bond over this video game with that person is clear across the world. This is crucial because you’re able to carry forward friendships that typically wouldn’t be able to be carry forward

. For example, my little brother is in middle school and him and I would never hang out if it weren’t for Xbox live. The reason being is that I live in another state than he does.

If it wasn’t for Xbox live then we would never hang out.

Another Story!

Another story is one of the friends that I play with. He has a bunch of friends that are in the army and deployed all over the world. He would never be able to have relationships with these people if it wasn’t for online gaming. So couple times a week him in all this friends are deployed all over the world are able to log onto World of Warcraft in play together. They’re able to carry their friendship forward because of online gaming.



Popular YouTube Channels

One of the better YouTube channels I have found is this channel. I like it a lot because you’ll find so much high quality information it’s crazy go nuts.

It’s a high quality channel that is going to teach you so much information it’s cray cray cray.